The Hope Block & Dundry House

A model of affordable housing within a community setting.

The Hope Block with Hope’s original red house in background. Photo: Bruce Silcox

The Hope Block

• 50 affordable rentals in 17 buildings
• 27 supportive housing units
• Single-family homes, duplexes & small multi-family buildings
• Mostly 100-year-old, renovated buildings
• Brightly colored playground, picnic pavilion, and gardens

General information about living at the Hope Block and The Dundry.

The Hope Block Story

In the 1990’s, a mile south of downtown Minneapolis Hope’s block was one of the most dangerous in the city. There were 22 vacant buildings and three abandoned gas stations. There were no safe places for children to play. Many told us to leave the neighborhood. But we took a stand, stayed, and took on a new mission.

Over a 10-year period, we worked with community residents and reclaimed the neighborhood. Hope preserved old structures and built new ones, and we created community spaces on two square blocks located on and adjacent to the intersection of Franklin and Portland Avenues, major arteries through the Minneapolis. See the transformation – Before & After photos of the Hope Block.

Gradually the destruction and violence began to give way to a new reality. The Hope Block became a model for the Children’s Village Vision and the South Quarter.